Be an environmentally friendly consumer

Many questions that we get concern if our products really are entirely chemical-free. Obviously, many consumers believe that repellants have to be toxic in order to be efficient, or that glue-traps just can’t attract insects without contaminated lure. Well, folks…It can.

We have built up an assortment with a wide range of products for your home and your garden, having you and your family in mind. Regardless if you have problems with rodents, flies, mosquitos, tics, moths, bed bugs or moles – we have products for monitoring, control and prevention.

Probably, you as most people understand that there will be no totally pest-free world with us in it. So the best way for us to experience as little pest problems as possible is likely to ensure that the population is kept at a minimum, where preventive methods and actions play an important role. At hand, this gives us three important facts:

  1. Treatments should begin early so make sure to have a good stock of product before the season starts
  2. Using do-it-yourself products are likely more efficient the more you know about the behavior of the insect or rodent, so make sure to be informed about where, how and when to use the products
  3. With a preventive approach and obstructing the population to grow into a problem for you, the usage of chemicals would be just silly.

If there is no need for treatments with chemicals – why should you?

There are numerous lotions and sprays against mosquitos on the market, and many of these have toxic substances and are not suitable for babies or young children. Still, they are used with the perception of that they are far more effective than any other alternative. Independent tests show though that non-toxic variants are at least as efficient as toxic ones. Obviously, we could use this space to promote our popular NO-line against mosquitos and tics with only natural ingredients in it, but we believe it is better if you try it yourself, who is by far the most important of all judges.

After testing, we do hope of course that you think that our products are the natural choice too.

The Natural Choice for Farmers and Cultivators

For farmers and cultivators in the agri-/horticulture sector, Silvandersson has a broad high-quality product portfolio. Our Catch-It™ product line is developed to be the world’s most efficient plant protector, and has gained global coverage and appreciation. Together with our fly traps and delta traps, we offer a complete range of systems which effectively attract, monitor and eliminate pests mechanically – naturally for the best for the environment. Please read more about the products of your choice by using the left hand bar.