Silvandersson® to launch non-toxic anti-mosquito film Aquatain AMF® in Sweden following EU exemption

3 July, 2015

Silvandersson® to launch non-toxic anti-mosquito film Aquatain AMF® in Sweden following EU exemption

Silvandersson Sweden AB, a worldwide supplier of environmentally friendly pest control products, will start promoting a new product for effective mosquito treatments following an exclusive cooperation with Italian B.L. Group: Aquatain AMF®. The main target group will be Swedish municipalities that are especially affected by mosquitos, currently involving distress and suffering for both humans and animals and having a negative impact on both social life as well as various industries and economic growth.

Mr. Kenneth Silvandersson, CEO of Silvandersson Sweden AB, explains:

“Aquatain AMF is a product that has been used and tested in multiple regions worldwide. In April this year, EU exempted the product from certain regulations that previously hindered it from being available on the Swedish market. The exemption implicates that Aquatain AMF is not considered to be a biocide, as it physically rather than chemically prevents mosquito reproduction, wherefore registration of the product is not needed. Gratefully, this gives Swedish municipalities an alternative to the commonly used product Vectobac G – which long term effects on the environment is still unclear. Further, in many important cases, Aquatain AMF involves a superior solution over alternative products. For instance, Aquatain AMF does not only effectively treat mosquitos in all life stages (Vectobac G only kills larvae), it is also effective against any mosquito type – which Vectobac G is not. Further, it is easily applied from bottles or tanks and spreads automatically on the treated surface. The long-lasting effect actually also makes it cheaper.

Through the cooperation with B.L. Group, Silvandersson now adds another environmentally friendly and preventive pest control product to its assortment. And this one could be the most important one so far for the public wellbeing in Sweden.”

Read complete press release here: Silvandersson-Aquatain_Press Release_2015-07-01