For Manufacturers and development partners

Production built on R&D

Is it really so odd that the world seems to spin faster and faster when constant development has become a core ingredient for any company in any industry?  For us, this basically means that we have to work and act even faster, and therefore it is a privilege to work not only with reliable suppliers and competent and knowledgeable clients and end users, but also with partners that can assist our lab and R&D department.

In practice, all our production is somehow based on R&D (which you can read more about here) and a lot of the groundwork has been executed by any of our partners in one way or the other. Our clients and end users are of course highly valuable for us when it comes to development. Without their feedback and thoughts, we would likely not be in the position that we are today. Similarly, we would not have been as swift going from though to production without our reliable supplier network. And of course, the scientific research from universities, science parks and knowledgeable entomologists is a crucial part both when we verify tests and come up with new ideas based on recent studies.

Below is a list of organizations and people who have contributed with valuable research and statements regarding products from our portfolio:

  • Halmstad Högskola (Sweden)
  • Lunds Universitet (Sweden)
  • Biokontroll Hungária (Hungaria)
  • Insect Investigations Ltd.(UK)
  • I2L Research Ltd. (UK)
  • Natural History Museum, Arhus (Denmark)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Brown (USA)
  • Dr. Paul Gregory Fields (USA)
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food (Canada)
  • Swedish Defence Research Institute (FOA)