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The CoreDot ™ Technology – Excellent innovation, perfect application

With our unique CoreDot™ technology, we have the ability to serve other clients than the ones in the pest control industry with advanced precision coating.

As the technology allows in principle any liquid to be applied on any flat surface with exact precision, we gladly support any company that wishes to automatize their production processes where liquid application is a part of the production line. The options and flexibility and variety of potential substrates and products are numerous. Other advantages are:

  • Unique application technology
  • High precision
  • Knife sharp edges
  • Wide temperature range and
  • Wide viscosity range.

The technology has served us and our clients well for the past decade, and has involved exact precision of glue application only where needed and wanted. The high degree of precision provides a sharp gluing margin with both glue-free and glue-covered surfaces exactly the way you want it. The high degree of flexibility involves that the glue board is custom-made and is formed and adjusted to match your wishes. The high degree of freedom of choice means that with CoreDot™ you can select exactly the model and form that you want on the glue surfaces, based on the design, construction and function of your insect trap.

In 2014, we will introduce the CoreDot™  2.0 to the market, which will improve efficiency and volume potential significantly, to the benefit of our customers in the pest control industry – and others. Please contact us here for more information about the abilities and potential of the CoreDot™ technology!