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In the current day and age, things have become friendlier in the field of biological combat in greenhouse cultivation, but the application area is increasing gradually to fruit, berry and vegetable cultivation.

It began as a result of increasing problems with insect resistance against chemical pesticides.

Biological control can be described as the usage of a living organism to combat another organism. These natural enemies are collected from nature and can be of different sorts and species.

Biological control is environmentally friendly for both the surrounding environment and the users, and is accepted as part of integrated production.

IPM – Integrated Pest Management
In integrated growth protection, sticky boards are used to supervise fly activity as well as to make diagnoses. By doing this, attacks are supervised early on and measures can be taken.

Sticky boards are also used to capture both incoming insects and those already established. Depending on which insect is in question, either yellow or blue sticky boards are use.

The sticky boards should be studied and switched in regular intervals.

Complete assortment of glue boards
Included in our assortment are both yellow and blue sticky boards. These come in different sizes and with glue on either one or both sides.


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