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Pest control in the food & grocery industry, restaurants, hotels, etc. is very important.

In these areas, there are rules and regulations to follow, but more important are the quality criteria.

Pest control has an important, but not always given role.

Identifying pests
Since humans combat pests, it is important to think like them.

Pests like insects and rodents need three things to survive: food, water and protection or a place to live.

If any of these needs are interrupted, the pests will not be able to make it.

Thus it is important to identify the pests and study where they’re coming from. Afterwards, we can then determine the technology that needs to be used, placing a concentration on the safety with regards to the products, employees and environment.

Integrated pest control
Integrated pest control is a program that reduces the usage of pesticides to control pests by maximizing the usage of all other practical methods.

We have a number of products to use in integrated pest control.

Since sticky boards apply to ILT, we manufacture these by using a special glue that can tolerate UV light over a comparably long period of time.

This has the same meaning for the effectiveness as for the need of service intervals.

We have even developed a system called CoreDot™ Application Technology, with which we can apply the glue in different models, something making us unique in our industry.

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