A reliable supplier

We cooperate with the leading distributors on many markets – but every distributor is big and important to us. Regardless of volumes and regardless of history together, we treat all clients alike with just as much attention and service. And although we have a global coverage, we constantly seek for new partners on new markets and regions to extend our network and increase our partnership.

We want our distributors to know that we are there for them and value every contact highly. We understand the hustle it entails with shifting suppliers and always strive for long relationships. Therefore, we understand that we need to be flexible, open-minded and do what it takes to keep our clients . As a recent example, we established a US subsidiary in 2013 to get closer to our US clients, understand their market better. With a local logistic hub overseas, we have also managed to cut the delivery times for our clients’ benefit.

Although we make sure to offer the best service possible, this would all be in vain without the right product assortment and the right quality. Our distributing partners are in the front line and need to be able to defend their assortment to the end customer, so what else can we do than to make sure that the quality of the products also meet the end customers’ expectations? The answer: Improve further – regardless! A lot of our resources are spent on product development and analysis of current offerings on the market, to make sure that our distributors may offer the latest and the best of the range of available products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here for further information about our assortment or how to collaborate with us, in case you are interested in working with a reliable supplier with high-quality products.