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click Have you ever been stung by a mosquito? Seen rodents in your garden? Had flies in your strawberry jam? We thought so, because most of us have. Surprisingly though, most people also seems to believe that this is just the way things are: “Flies and other insects exist and there is little I can do about it (except for smashing them hard). And besides, tic and mosquito repellents are too toxic for my children anyway.” For decades, we have developed a number of high-quality DIY-products and repellants which prove that there are efficient measures you could take without harming yourself or the environment. They are well-designed to match your neat home or beach bag, and proudly offered through our resellers and the web-shop

click For farmers and cultivators in the agriculture sector, the issues with pests are for obvious reasons more of a daily part of life. But why should it be so intense that it bothers you and your fellows (two-legged or four-legged)? Please find out more about our pest monitoring and control products on the left hand bar – and remember: A fly-free horse is a happy horse!

Be an environmentally friendly consumer Do-it-yourself and ensure that no technician invade your home with toxic chemicals. Our NO-line has natural ingredients only and the preferred choice against mosquitos and tics. Just ask around – this is likely the most efficient products out there click here !

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dating site brighton You’re not out much? A hustle going to the store? Just enjoying browsing the web? Dear customer – Bestchoice is for you. Place your order from your desk, your hammock or wherever you are and the products will be delivered to you.

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indicadores de comercio exterior ecuador Please use the left hand bar to find more information about the pests that are currently bugging you the most and how they can be monitored and treated in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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