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Combating flies in stables and other buildings where animals are kept is of great importance.

Flies are just as irritating for cows and other animals as they are for humans. The flies are attracted to food, moisture and warmth.

Animals and their surroundings constitute a perfect environment for flies to live and breed in.

With flies moving about between different places, they ultimately become a threat to spread infections. They spread diseases like dysentery, tuberculosis, stomach and intestinal inflammation. Flies affect your economy.

Research has shown that breeding animals that are troubled by flies tend to suffer worse growth and a minimized milk production.

Plan efforts early
All pest control demands good planning, and that includes combating flies.

Since fly reproduction is very quick, two flies can possibly become 25 million before a season comes to an end.

Thus it’s very important to implement measures early, otherwise the situation becomes uncontrollable and that ultimately will demand fire emergency call responses with chemical materials.

Patented products
We have many products that can be used in the animal breeding environment, both indoors and outdoors.

Many of the already proven products are based on our patented design, which ensures an effective control.

Dealing with rodents
Rodents like rats and mice can also create big problems in the barns and the stables. Stables usually provide them with an overflow of feasting possibilities.

Rodents cause great damage by gnawing and nibbling on different materials and can also destroy the insulation on electrical wiring, which can have deadly consequences. We also offer an interesting array of products for rodents

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