Product and product lines

Different needs and problems call for different solutions. We have assorted our product portfolio into various product lines in order to assist you when searching for the optimum tool against pests and rodents in your industry – whether it is in the Food industry, the Hotel/Restaurant/Catering (Horeca) business or within horticulture.

Whatever problem you might have and in whatever industry, the products from Silvandersson will always solve the problem in an environmentally and efficient way. We believe in mechanical solutions rather than chemical, for the sake of our nature and the next generation, and have developed innovative products for detection, monitoring and control based on this notion. Thus, we offer a complete range of products for modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The products and systems are likely to be part of the most tested in the industry, and we can therefore offer products with top quality from every aspect. Our glue system Silvalure™ was originally carefully developed in close collaboration with representatives from the food industry and the Swedish Defence Research Institute, and is a vital and integrated part in all our glue traps that are spread to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our effective glue boards are commonly used in insect light traps (ILTs) found in e.g. all parts of the food industry (including restaurants, kitchens, bakeries and so on) and keep insects (or rest from zapped ones) to end up where they should not be (such as on your plate).

As a step towards the next generation of Integrated Pest Management, we have also developed Cryonite™ – an important tool for efficient pest management of today. Cryonite™ uses dry-ice to control insects by a state-of-the-art freezing technology.

Please read more about how we strive to facilitate for our professional customers by our research and development activities here.

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