Research and Test Lab

A glue trap part-developed by the National Defence Industry…Could there be any better preconditions for an efficient pest control product? Perhaps so, but at Silvandersson, we have ever since the collaboration with FOI (the Swedish Defence Research Institute) when the Silvalure™ system was originally invented continuously tested and improved our product portfolio to offer the most efficient pest control solutions available for home owners, farmers and pest management professionals. But let’s take it from the start:

The Silvalure™ system is a solution where the right glue for the mission is perfectly attached with the right pattern on the right surface for optimal monitoring and control. Through constant testing and innovation, we have accommodated our products for various situations and conditions. The surface and the glue is adapted to be optimized depending on insect type, resistance to UV-light, temperature, moist or sediment, sustainability and so on. In short –complex solutions based on years of studies and testing, but also on highly advanced equipment and skilled researchers and machine operators.

To identify the most crucial elements and finding the best possible solutions for every condition, our lab personnel runs tests on insects in our own facilities. Understanding the behavior of both the insects and the glue in various situations are vital parts of finding the right solution. Through thorough research and testing, we have together with our Production Development department made important contributions to the industry, such as invented the first insect trap using dry glue (in 1982!) and the patented window glue trap, developed yellow traps to attract white flies and designed the patented 3D pattern with fluorescent colors to attract flying insects. Our most important invention during the 21st century (to date) might be UV-resistant adhesive for Electric Fly Killer (EFK) traps, but that would be in harsh competition with the CoreDot™ technology.

The CoreDot™ technology is a corner stone in the Silvalure™ system, which allows the liquid glue (hot melt) to be located on the exact desired place on the surface, to the exact desired amount. After three successful decades with the in-house designed technology, we took one step further in 2014 by developing an updated version in CoreDot™ 2.0 for even higher efficiency and customization rate, and to be able to serve clients in other industries than in pest control as well without losing the service to our existing customers. Please read more about its advantages here.

However great our knowledge, machinery and experience base might be, it will always be limited by our own resources. To continue to develop the next generation of pest products, we are therefore gladly open for joint projects with universities, scientists and other manufacturers or entrepreneurs. A lot of our history and product development is based on collaborations with universities and other institutions, and we are proud of the continuing work we do together with our partners. Research, idea generation, science, testing, production and marketing become one (and stuck together – like glue!). Please read more about how we can serve the world together here.