Who we are and what we believe in

“85% of all pest control is done by the usage of chemicals. If we can reduce this share by as little as 1% – we have made the world a better place. Therefore, we have to provide our clients with environmentally friendly solutions that are efficient so that we give our customers and all technicians – and the world – a chance. After all, humans must find ways to live with insects in harmony rather than exterminating species, and this can only be achieved if people are provided with both the right know-how of how to prevent massive populations to grow, and the right products to prevent it. This is not our job – it is our calling. We cannot expect our customers to follow, but we can reuire from ourselves to give them the opportunity to do so.” 

–        Kenneth Silvandersson, CEO

In a small town in Sweden in the early 1980s, a faltered glue experiment resulted in an invention that shown to be highly efficient for fly control. This serendipity, delivered by the entrepreneur Mr. Åke Silvandersson, was the starting shot for decades of innovations and dedications within the pest control business – foremost with glue based solutions and always with an environmentally friendly approach.

Since then, as the number of customers and demand for non-toxic solutions constantly have grown stronger, our product portfolio has been complemented with other than glue based products and offered to business segments other than the food industry in Sweden (which was the original intentional targeted customer segment). Today, Silvandersson’s products are developed for and offered globally to hotels, restaurants and others in the horeca business, to professional pest control operators, to the crop industry and the horti- and agriculture sector and even to home owners and others in the retail sector, thanks to our extensive and hard-working distribution network all over the world.

Although our offering and product lines have developed over the years, our core values have remained the same. Competence, quality and reliability are key words that express the way Silvandersson makes its products and its businesses on – regardless if our client is a distributor in New York or a soccer mom in the outskirts of Stockholm.

We have learnt – partially in true Silvandersson spirit through serendipity – that many of our innovations are suitable for solving other problems than perhaps originally intended. For instance, our freezing technology Cryonite® is not only highly efficient for moth control in the food industry but could just as well be used in treatments of bed bugs in hotels and hospitals or against museum beetles or sea tulips stuck on boat hulls. Likewise, our CoreDot®-technology has proven to be highly suitable for a vast number of industries where a precise application of glue and other liquids is crucial for an efficient production and an effective end product.

Albeit being experts on insects and insect behavior, glue usage and applications remain being our true core competence. In a world where the only constant is change; isn’t it good to know that some things never change? Let’s just hope that this does not is the case for chemical usage – when there surely is not a need for it!

Silvandersson through the years

1982 – Silvandersson is founded after a faltered experiment with glue. In a collaboration with the food industry and the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the world’s first insect trap with dry glue and a special adhesive is developed.

1984 – The Window glue trap is the first patent

1996 – Cryonite®  1.0 is developed

1997 – Yellow traps to attract white flies are developed

1998 – Patent for glue traps with fluorescent colours and 3D patterns revolutionize the industrial design.

2000 – A UV-resistant adhesive is launched.

2005 – The CoreDot™ Application Technology is launched, for exact coating and adhesive application.

2008 – The Cryonite® System is updated for the fifth time and Cryonite® 6.0 is launched

2010 – Cryonite® 7.0, the Cryonite Rifle 6560, is launched

2010 – The popular NO-line is launched to Swedish households. The first product is a highly efficient mosquito repellant without toxic ingredients and thus suitable also for young children. It is shortly followed by a market leading tic repellant.

2013 – Silvandersson USA is founded to serve its client even better on the North American continent.

2013 – Silvandersson USA starts a collaboration with service provider PC Logistics

2014 – Silvandersson makes a complete make-over of its business and marketing plan. The conclusion: Keep on doing what we do best…

2014 – CoreDot™ Application Technology 2.0 is launched

2014 – The NO-line is complemented with an anti-lice product portfolio on clients’ requests