Serving the world with environmentally friendly products and solutions

The pest control industry is doubtless undergoing major changes currently. Driven by an increased and broadened awareness of the impact toxic substances used for pest treatments, many regulators have decided to take certain actions against the wide-spread usage of toxics, such as the EU directive effective from 2014 which prohibits the usage of toxic chemicals if there are other, more environmentally friendly, alternatives available (source).

This is of course very welcoming – not only to us who have served the world by offering non-toxic products and treatment methods for decades, but for everyone. Thankfully, an increased number of pest control operators have also started to use a mechanical and preventive approach in their treatment protocols rather than blasting the infested area with chemicals.

Although being promoted ever since the 1970s (Knipling EF (1972) Entomology and the Management of Man’s Environment. Australian Journal of Entomology 11, 153-16), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has not always been regarded as the best common practice for professional treatments, and is still not even known as a proven concept to the greater mass of the end customers. Surely, this development has come farther in some markets than in others, and that is partially the reason for why Silvandersson visits trade shows around the world and explores what kind of products that are being offered on each local market. This gives us a good idea of how far the markets have come, and also new ideas for new product developments for our customers.

Although being criticized by pro-chemical enthusiast for lack of efficiency, the preventive and mechanical methods work just as well as toxic – and are sometimes superior. In the case of bed bugs, for example, the insect has become resistant to all known approved chemicals, which gives few options left other than mechanical treatments, such as freezing with the Cryonite® technology. Handled correctly, this is an effective tool proven to successfully treat infestations of all kinds of crawling insects without the usage of any chemicals.

We are convinced that more and more markets will begin favoring toxic-free solutions, for reasons that should be obvious to everyone. For that reason, Silvandersson will continue to search for and develop products and solutions that favors the work carried out by the pest control operators, as well as for the end customer and for the rest of us. We cannot expect everyone to follow, but we can surely continue to serve the world by offering our non-toxic assortment of top-quality products for efficient pest control, in our endeavors for a healthier environment for us and our kids.

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