Silvalure System® is a registered trademark that belongs to Silvandersson Sweden AB.

Silvalure System® guarantees thoroughly tested and effective products for insect control.

Silvandersson’s glue traps are developed through intensive research in close cooperation with the food and grocery industry and FOA. (Försvarets Forskningsanstalt).

The research has resulted in a very effective glue and exactly the correct patterns on the traps required to best be able to attract insects.

Our theories and extensive, practical tests have shown to be a successful method in attaining many good results in capturing flies and other insects.

When you use glue traps for controlling and for capturing insects, make sure you’re always using an original Silvandersson product labelled with the Silvalure System® logo for the best results.

The market’s best
Silvalure System® is the market’s most effective, functional and tested glue system.

The paper and glue are adapted to the type of insect, temperature, durability, UV light, dampness, storage, etc. This all serves to provide you with a perfect product and a fly and insect free environment.