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Partners (Lasix) is planned for the procedure of very high blood tension. In many cases it might additionally be prescribed to treat fluid recognition in Our goal of a better environment and a diminished usage of pesticides cannot be achieved without the assistance of our distributing partners. And our partners would not do any business with us if we do not meet the supplier criteria. Consequently, we work hard to improve our standards in order to make our partners happy. Firstly, of course, we need a good product offering. Give the vast number of distributors helping us in our task already, and the strict requirements we have ourselves on product quality and development, we believe we have that one covered. Secondly, we need to ensure that our distributors get not only the right products for them, but also in the right manner. Timing is everything it’s said, and therefore, we do not want our customers to be exposed to the risk of late deliveries or an abnormally large stock. This mans also that we need to have a close relationship with our clients and understand the world they live in, and be percipient for whatever wish or need they have. This goes for the desires of the products as well, including customization and alterations – all to keep our clients happy so that we get closer to reach our goals about a better environment. And given our long history as a supplier to leading distributors worldwide, we believe that we have good chances of doing just this. With our existing partners – and with new ones.

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