Common Black Slug

Arion ater – Black Slugs are the most common species one notices in rainy and humid weather. Black slugs, which are commonly found in woods, but also in gardens, feed on primarily mushrooms, but also on green plants and decaying plant parts.

Appearance: Slugs can be up to 15 cm in length. They have a rounded foot on their backsides and the backs of their bodies do not contain any keels. The colour is most commonly black, but there are some who are almost white, or white with a black back. On rare occasions they can also be greyish or brownish. The breathing hole is located in front of the middle of the granular back plate (the mantle).

Reproduction / progression: The black slugs lay eggs that are about 4×5 mm long, opaque. The eggs are being laid in lumps of about 20-30 pieces. The eggs and the young ones will hibernate but the adults die.

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Arion ater