Indian Meal Moth

Ephestia kuehniella – The stored products’ moths attack grain products such as flour, bisquits and crackers and thus is a major pest in above all bakeries, food industries, but also in private kitchens. The larvae leave behind a sticky thread of silk which makes the flour stick together in big lumps. At the same time the flour turns a greyish brown and starts smelling bad. Nuts, seeds, spices, dog food, chocolates and dried fruit may also be affected.

The larvae are highly resistance to cold, and they may survive several months at a temperature of 0° or slightly lower.

Appearance: The moths measure about 20-28 mm between the edges of the wings. They hide during the day and fly out at dusk and during the night. The narrow front wings are silver-grey and black, with slight dark transversal lines, the back wings are grey-white and equipped with a long fringe.

The larvae are about 12 – 19 mm long and are yellowish white with soft green or pink hues. Their heads are brown.

Reproduction / progression: The females lay their eggs wherever the smallest scrap of food stuffs may be found, which may serve as nourishment for their offspring. The females lay in average about 350 eggs. In constantly heated environments the moths may create at least 5 new generations a year, and thus may result in a very fast reproduction. They do not mate in temperatures inferior to + 10 – 11° C.

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Ephestia kuehniella