German Cockroach

Blatella germanica – The cockroaches, especially the German cockroaches, exist in small colonies inside heated buildings (above at least +20°C), and prefer warm and moist environments, such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, but they are not very common in private houses or in green houses.

The cockroaches like to hang around ovens, heating pipes, refrigerator engines, and other places where the temperatures reach between 25-33°C. They averse to light and that’s why they hide behind dark and narrow cracks when they are subjected to strong light.

Cockroaches are easily being spread out by hiding in packaging materials and in pallets. Both sexes fly well in hot weather and may then spread out further to new places. As adults the cockroaches may live several months.

Appearance: Male: 10-13 mm in length, with 8-10 mm long wings. Female: 12-15 mm in length, with 9-12 mm long wings. Egg capsule: First white, then pink, light brown in colour; 7-8 mm x 3 x 3,5 mm.

Reproduction / progression: Already 2 days after the mating the females produce their egg capsules. The egg capsules contain about 40 eggs. The females carry the egg capsules almost all the time up till the nymphs are being hatched, which normally happens after 4-6 weeks time. The newly hatched nymphs are about 3 mm long. It takes about 2-4 months for them to grow into adults.

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Blatella germanica