Fruit Flies

Drosophila melanogaster – The Fruit Fly, sometimes referred to as Banana Fly or Fruit – and Vinegar Fly. There exist about 30 different sub-species, in principle it’s a matter of the same insect but with different names which hint at the particular taste preference of each sub-species.

They have an extremely fast reproduction rate. They feel at home in ambient temperatures where they feed on food scraps, and they are attracted by rotting fruit and vegetables as well as by dirty pots and bottles which may contain residues of wine, beer, milk, tomato sauce, marmalade or vinegar. Poorly cleaned garbage bins are also places where they like to hang around and where they may form a colony.

Appearance: The Fruit Fly measures about a few mm in size.

Reproduction – proliferation: A Banana Fly may lay 25 eggs a day and up to 2000 eggs during its entire life span. In favourable circumstances the development from egg to adult fly may take less then 10 days. The female lays her eggs directly onto food so that the larvae will have a source of nutrition.

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Drosophila melanogaster